Turapur Pitcher: A buyer’s guide

We all know that drinking plenty of water is essential for good health.  But it’s not just about drinking water; it’s about drinking the right quality of water.  And for that, you need a water purifier.  But what makes the Turapür Pitcher different from all the others on the market?  Why should you spend your money on this one and not any of the others?

Let’s take a factual look at exactly what the Turapur Pitcher offers – the purifier that purports to be the ‘fountain of life’ – compared to others you might be considering.

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So what exactly is the Turapur Pitcher?

OK – so in a nutshell, the Turapür Pitcher is a simple filtration method and container that you fill from your faucet.  It uses a three-step filtering system that filters and ionizes the water, turning it into water of a quality that you’d find at source – think a babbling brook, spring, or cold glacial stream.

It does this by using three levels of filtering: magnesium, infrared ceramics, and Tourmaline.

What is the difference between water from the Turapür Pitcher and regular water?

Regular water – and by this we mean water from the tap AND water that you purchase in plastic bottles – contains high levels of ‘bad’ products.  These are, in varying extents, caused by all the pollutants that are around us in everyday life.  Products such as pesticides, pollution from vehicles, chemicals found in processed foods… The list is endless.

But more importantly, for water from the faucet to be fit for human consumption, it goes through a harsh chemical process whereby additives kill various life forms within the water.  In fact, a 3-year investigation by the Environmental Working Group that carried out over 20 million water quality tests over 5 years has proven that tap water in the US contains 316 identified contaminants.

It’s no wonder it tastes so awful – not to mention what it does to the nation’s health.  What this process does is to change the water at a molecular level – and not in a good way, because it literally kills the water by locking away the hydrogen.  This means that when you drink it, your body cannot make use of the hydrogen contained deep within the molecular structure.

The Turapür Pitcher filters contaminants from the water.  But in addition to this – and this is the important part – the 3-step filtration system ionizes the water.  What this means in layman’s terms is that the hydrogen atoms that are locked away deep within are once again set free.  This subtly changes the water at molecular level back to how it would be found at source (so we’re back to water in its truly natural state).  So the water you drink from the Turapür Pitcher is literally alive with free hydrogen.
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What are the positive effects of drinking water rich in free hydrogen?

Free hydrogen is a powerful anti-oxidant.  In fact, it’s one of the most powerful known to man.  And the reason we need anti-oxidants is because of their ability to fight something called ‘free radicals’.  Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd number of electrons.  But let’s forget the science lesson – all you need to know about these is that they are responsible for much of the bad stuff that happens within the body: you know, aging, diseases, cancer…  In a nutshell, they’re nasty pieces of work.

And the best form of defense against them is anti-oxidants.  And as we said earlier, free hydrogen is the most powerful of all of these.  Thanks to the stresses of modern day living (the toxins from the polluted air we breathe, processed foods, plastics, cosmetic products…), we all need the help that powerful anti-oxidants can bring.  This is why drinking such water is being called ‘the fountain of youth’ by some people, because of its effect of slowing down the aging process.

What about the taste of water from the Turapür Pitcher?

Many water purifiers embed a certain taste in the water.  But because of the unique 3-layered filtration system that the Turapür Pitcher uses, this strips out all the bad odors and tastes, returning it to the state of how the water would taste at source (remember, from that babbling mountain stream).

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Is there any proven scientific research that drinking ionized water is good for you?

In a word, yes.  Free hydrogen has been proven to fight the worst of the free radicals – the Hydroxyl radical, which is known to cause damage to the DNA.  And because it’s so small, hydrogen can penetrate the smallest parts of your body – within the cells – fighting the dangerous free radicals that can be residing in there.  It can also pass through the blood brain barrier, so may well improve brain health too.

  • A study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition found that 8 weeks of drinking hydrogen rich water confirmed these anti-oxidant benefits
  • A double blind, placebo-controlled study by the Kajiyama Clinic in Japan proved that hydrogen rich water reduces oxidative stress, as well as other changes associated with youth.
  • A study published in the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology has shown that filtration through Tourmaline activates even higher levels of free hydrogen.

So does it actually work?

It’s common (and proven) knowledge that we live in an environment whereby we are constantly
bombarded with toxins.  And these toxins do severe damage to our bodies at cellular level thanks to those damn free radicals.  It’s also known that the best fight against them is high levels of anti-oxidants – and that free hydrogen is the most powerful of all.

The benefits of water containing these free radicals is fast becoming accepted by science as a method of fighting against disease and the aging process.  Further research is bound to be forthcoming, but at present, using the research that’s already been carried out, drinking such water is looking truly positive.

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Does the Turapur Pitcher offer value for money?

The Turapur Pitcher is a somewhat unique product on the market.  Not only does it fill the water with life-giving free hydrogen, but it tastes great too.  And with a price tag of less than $40, we have to say that it does provide good value for money.  When you compare it with bottled water (which is really non-comparable to the molecular changes the Turapür Pitcher water goes through), then it really will save you cash.

In summary

The Turapür Pitcher provides a simple and inexpensive method of increasing the anti-oxidants within the body (and all the health benefits this brings), as well as purifying faucet water, removing all bad tastes and odors.  It fits all types of faucets (with included adapters), and is simple to install and use.  If a water purifier is on your ‘to buy’ list, then you could do much worse than to consider this one.

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